The Filmmakers

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is a six-time Emmy Award winning veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker. His career has taken him around the world from remote cities in South America, to the launch pad of America’s Space Shuttle, the presidential campaign trail, and far away to the Arctic ice.

He is the founder of the documentary film and production company West Street Productions, and Producer Director of the award-winning PBS Documentary “Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope”.  The film was produced in association with Playtone, Fremantle and Herzog and Company. The seven-year journey to make the documentary included more than twenty interviews and on location filming in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Northern Israel, Houston, Texas, Nacogdoches, Texas, The Kennedy Space Center, Florida, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.  The documentary has “Best Film” honors 5-times in festivals around the country, and Hong Kong, and was broadcast nationally on PBS and distributed to international networks.

His award-winning journalism career won him a wide range of producer assignments including war zones with U.S. troops in Bosnia and the Middle East, touring with the Pope, national political conventions, presidential inaugurations, and Florida hurricane devastation, as well as the control rooms of the largest television markets in the country.

Jack Cloherty is an award-winning investigative journalist. As a producer for NBC News, he has worked for Dateline NBC as a National Producer of hour-long news segments. As a lead producer for ABC News, he covered the Justice Department and FBI.

Recognized for his investigative skills, Jack is a multiple award winner, including numerous Emmy awards, Edward R. Murrow Awards, and the prestigious DuPont-Columbia Award, and many other top honors.

He was an investigative reporter for WRC-TV, Washington, D.C.’s NBC station. He began his career as a print reporter for nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and was one of the young reporters who helped Anderson cover the Watergate scandal. Jack co-authored “The Investigators,” a nationally syndicated newspaper column for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate for several years before moving into broadcast news.